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    Karen's GM application


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    Karen's GM application Empty Karen's GM application

    Post  karen on Sat Feb 12, 2011 6:39 am

    Name: Karen

    In game name: Ragingheart

    Location: Australia

    Age: 18

    Desired name as staff: Ragingheart

    What I am applying for: Game master

    Reason for joining staff team: I desire to join the darknewbms staff team as I seek to help improve this server in lifting its population and helping those in need, I am mature and apply a dilligent appitude towards my goals. On a gaming level i have played GMS for over 5 years, during which i have made a 144 I/L mage on khaini (GMS-pre big bang), this in game experience enhances my content knowledge so creating events and dealing with problems should not be an issue. Also as I'm from Australia this may also aid in staff activity coping with different time zones.

    Experience As game staff: I have been gm on many private servers however alot of time has lapsed since this experience and hence I cannot recall all the names; however here are a few (nirohms, exotic ms, pokemon ms)

    Further information:

    I am currently studying for my last year of highschool in australia and wish to undertake medical studies(medicine) in the future, I hope this experience will enhance my perception and understanding of human relations and emotions (an important aspect of medicine). I currently study physics, chemistry, biology, advanced english and extension 2 mathematics at school and so if you need any help with homework i can also help out Very Happy


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    Karen's GM application Empty Re: Karen's GM application

    Post  [MOD]lolirule on Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:49 pm

    Lol good to know you can help us out in homework Smile
    That's one contributing factor.
    Experience is another.
    Time zone is another.
    That's THREE contributing factors.
    Homework dosen't really count though...
    But then again
    We already have quite a lot of staff maybe it would be better to add you in as GM after the server is done?
    Or else it would probably be only GM's online all the time.
    Wadever. Admins decision.

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