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    Byakuran's GM Application


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    Byakuran's GM Application

    Post  Byakuran on Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:51 pm

    Name: Gie (Weird name eh?)
    In Game Name:Byakuran (But still downloading)
    Location: Philippines (i got an advantage because i can be online when other GMs aren't because of our Time Zone).
    Age: 14
    What You Are Applying For:(Game Master/Forum Moderator) Game Master.
    Reason You Want To Join The Staff Team: Because i want to help much more people with this job. i would do that by making the game run smoothly for them, hosting events daily, help new players so they can get used to the game, warning (or if possible, banning) hackers. Smile
    Experience As Game Staff: i've been a GM on some servers. namely CartoonMS and AripMS (i forgot others)
    Desired Name As Staff:[GM]Byakuran

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